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Cosmetic Dentistry in Columbia, SC, and Surrounding Areas

Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted with Our Professional Cosmetic Dentistry in Columbia, SC.

Experience Quality Cosmetic Dentistry in Columbia, SC!

Everyone deserves not only a beautiful smile but a healthy smile. The kind of smile that lights up any room that you walk into or adds character to your photos.

At Lockhart Dental, we offer cosmetic dentistry services at the highest level of care to enhance your smile. We combine science, technology, art, and design to achieve superior cosmetic results. Our dental cosmetic procedures include teeth whitening, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers.

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Teeth Whitening

We understand that dark-colored drinks and foods stain teeth over time. Thanks to our professional teeth whitening service, your teeth can have that perfect white color. The end goal is to brighten your smile.

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Dental Bonding

A dental bonding session at our clinic in Columbia SC involves applying tooth-colored composite on the affected teeth. The material helps conceal and cover up discoloration, craze lines, and cracks. And the entire procedure helps make your teeth appear longer, more uniform, and wider.

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Porcelain Veneers

We use porcelain veneers made of medical-grade ceramic to conceal cosmetic imperfections. The strong shells conveniently attach to the front surfaces of the teeth, covering up cracks, discoloration, and chips. Regardless of the service you choose, a session at Lockhart Dental can do the following:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Make you look younger
  • Improve the shape of your teeth
  • Help You achieve better oral health
  • Bring symmetry and balance to your smile

What to Expect from an Appointment with Us

Depending on the cosmetic dentistry procedure you seek, you can expect many things from an appointment with Lockhart Dental specialists. We strongly recommend you communicate your needs clearly for better outcomes.
You can benefit from knowing what to expect during your first appointment. Here’s what the session might involve.

Step 1: Aesthetic Evaluation and Conventional Evaluation

The first meeting with one of our dental specialists will comprise a conventional and an aesthetic evaluation. Expect the dentist to carry out a physical exam of your teeth, gums, and biting capabilities. The session will also involve taking and evaluating X-rays.

On the other hand, aesthetic evaluation is mostly subjective. Here, the specialist will want to know how you perceive the look and feel of your teeth.

Step 2: Preview of Any Proposed Cosmetic Procedures

At this stage, our specialists allow you to preview the proposed cosmetic procedures you would like. We usually use computer imaging to let you see what your teeth will look like after the cosmetic procedure.

One benefit of this stage is that it allows you to decide whether to proceed with the treatment. It also allows the dentist to take models of a patient’s mouth and build mock-ups for previewing purposes.

Step 3: Treatment

Once you agree on a specific cosmetic procedure, our dentists will schedule the treatment on a particular date. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, they will let you know how to prepare in advance.

Long-Lasting Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Done by Professionals

The lifespan of dental bonding mainly depends on your lifestyle. So, observing proper oral hygiene and avoiding damage to the bonded teeth is crucial. On average, dental bonding materials can last from three to ten years.

For porcelain veneers, expect them to last ten years or more. It’s because they comprise a thin, translucent material built to withstand wear and tear. The veneers can also have a lifespan of 20 years, depending on the level of care.
Our tooth whitening procedure mainly helps improve the appearance of your teeth. With good oral hygiene, it guarantees results that last between one and three years.

How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?


The cost of your cosmetic dentistry treatment is a crucial factor to consider. It can help you budget for a specific treatment and get great value for money. Generally, the cost will depend on the type of procedure required. Most dental offices accept insurance to help you save on costs.

Contact us today to learn more about your dental cosmetic needs and budget.

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Our dental professionals bring decades of experience and top-notch training to every treatment for the utmost satisfaction. We are always willing to accommodate your dental needs and offer you the best treatment possible. From dental bonding and teeth whitening to porcelain veneers, we offer cosmetic dentistry procedures for different dental flaws.